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Projected Retirement Savings & Needs
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Annual Retirement Income in Future Dollars $
Projected Savings Needed at Retirement $
Future Value of Current RRSP $
Future Value of Total RRSP Assets $
Net Amount Required to Meet Savings Needs $
Your RRSP Plan
Additional Contributions Required to Meet Savings Needs $

This is a summary of your Retirement Needs and Savings based on the information you have provided.

Your personal information
Retirement Needs
Number of Years Funds to Last
Income Required In Today's Dollars
Savings Details
Current Value of RRSP
Current Annual RRSP Contributions
Investor Profile
Rate Of Return to Retirement
Rate Of Return after Retirement
Inflation Rate
Years to Retirement

Projected retirement savings and needs

You expect to earn the following income during your retirement:

Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP):
Old Age Security (OAS):
Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS):
Company Pension Benefit:
Your RRSP plan

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You should know…

The RRSP Calculator does not account for the Allowance benefit (from Service Canada) that you may be entitled to during retirement. Keep this in mind when identifying the income you will need in retirement and when viewing the results.

OAS Clawback Amount - Pensioners with an individual net income above a certain amount must repay part or all of the maximum OAS benefit. These amounts change quarterly and are available on Service Canada's website. The Calculator assumes any amount entered in the field 'Old Age Security Benefit' will be received throughout retirement.

This illustration assumes that your current annual savings plan does not exceed your personal contribution limit for RRSPs, including any available carry-forward room from previous years. To find out what your personal contribution limit is, refer to your Notice of Assessment that is mailed to you every year by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The figures provided in this illustration do not take into account taxes payable on income drawn in retirement. The Canada Revenue Agency requires that RRSP accounts be rolled into a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) by December 31st in the year you turn 71. Once inside a RRIF, you are entitled to withdraw a minimum amount annually that is not subject to withholding tax. Amounts above the annual minimum are subject to withholding tax. Any withdrawals from a RRIF plan are subject to income tax at the planholder's marginal tax rate. To develop an effective income strategy in retirement, speak to your Investment Advisor.

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